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Stop the Bullying of Pro-Lifers!

Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims is taking his support for the killing of preborn children to an even uglier level, harassing and bullying an elderly woman and teenagers for their pro-life activism outside of a Planned Parenthood facility in Philadelphia.

Violence begets violence. Not only are children being ripped apart in this Planned Parenthood facility - now violence and bullying have taken to the streets against peaceful pro-life activists.

This is a disturbing trend being seen across the country where pro-lifers are violently harassed, bullied, and intimidated on the sidewalks outside of abortion facilities. We demand Rep. Sims resign from the Pennsylvania legislature for his unacceptable and disgusting conduct. His discrimination, harassment, and bullying of pro-lifers make him not fit for public office.

We will not back down to bullies and we will not become bullies ourselves. We demand a country that upholds peaceful and considerate conversation and debate in the true spirit of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Sign the petition NOW to demand Representative Sims resign from public office and put a stop to his bullying of pro-life protestors.