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Petition to YouTube

End the suppression of the truth about abortion

YouTube’s website claims “We believe everyone should have easy, open access to information and that video is a powerful force for education” and that “everyone should have a chance to...succeed on their own terms, and that people-not gatekeepers-decide what’s popular.”

Yet, after a pro-abortion writer complained that Live Action’s “Abortion Procedures” videos were among the top search results for abortion on YouTube, these medically accurate videos were removed from the top results and buried under various pro-abortion videos.

The “Abortion Procedures” videos were created in consultation with Dr. Anthony Levatino (a former abortionist), a panel of physicians and OB/GYNs, and another former abortionist, so their medical accuracy is undeniable. They are the most viewed pro-life videos in history, with over 100 millions views across all social media channels online.

I implore you to live up to the stated values of your company and the spirit of the First Amendment with consistency, and stand up to voices who call upon you to censor medically accurate videos in the interest of furthering their own agenda.

Signed (add your name),